DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney in Annapolis, MD

DUI charges threaten your liberty with possible jail time of 1 year for the first offense. You also could accumulate points that could result in a loss of your license. If you refuse a breath test or record a Blood Alcohol Content reading of .08 or more, which could happen with only two drinks, you will need to request a hearing within ten days or the MVA will suspend your license. There could be defenses to the charges, such as the manner in which the Field Sobriety Tests and breathalyzer tests were administered. Another important consideration is the fact that a Probation Before Judgment disposition cannot be expunged for a DUI case even though it is technically not a conviction. Accordingly, when you face a DUI or other serious traffic matters, it is important to review any defenses that may be available in the criminal case, as well as defending your driving privileges with the MVA.