Insurance Claims

If a loved one dies an accidental death, he or she may have an insurance policy that provides a life insurance benefit, as well as an additional benefit for an accidental death. Unfortunately, you will need to navigate a maze of obscure policy conditions before a skeptical insurance agent reviews your claim and possibly denies it without justification. As with Business Licensing claims, you must exhaust all remedies before proceeding with a court action. This can be frustrating, as the insurance company acts as its own judge and jury of your claim. You must raise all legal and factual issues during the investigation and the internal appeal. Eventually, if the claim is denied, you will receive a letter from the insurance company stating that you have exhausted all remedies and can follow up with the Maryland Insurance Administration or file a court action.

I have experience helping clients recover accidental death benefits after an insurance company denial, and I have counseled clients regarding their compliance with long-term care disability policies. These insurance matters require a detailed analysis of the specific policies that were sometimes purchased decades earlier. It is not unusual for the original policies to be lost, so it may be necessary to obtain copies from the insurance company. Over the years a series of addenda have likely been added to the policy, which needs to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle to determine the extent of the coverage. Quite often, substantial changes in the law occur from the date of policy issuance to the date of the claim, which requires a detailed legal analysis of your rights, i.e., whether any changes in law alter the rights that existed when the policy was issued.

This challenging process occurs at a time of tremendous stress and hardship for a family. I will review your matter with efficiency and competence, giving you an honest answer about the possible risks and benefits of various courses of action. I will try to help you make the best decision for you and your family without playing to emotions or fears.