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My Philosophy

I am an attorney with over 25 years of experience. If you are going through a difficult time, I can be a stabilizing force to help you get out of your situation. I am diligent and conscientious. I do not grandstand or play upon your fears. I will be honest with you about your legal matter, and I will be honest when dealing with the court and the opposing side, but I will always advocate for your interests. In advocating for your interests, keep in mind that a judge will tune out if he or she believes that we are not being reasonable, so it is paramount that we prepare a strategy that has a chance to be successful. In developing a strategy for your case, we will realistically discuss the prospects of your case, even if it means telling you something that you do not want to hear.

Look out for attorneys who overemphasize the need to be “aggressive.” While it is important to pursue your best interest aggressively, we must first carefully reflect on and identify your best interests in your case. One of the responsibilities of an attorney is to be a “counselor” of law. Therefore we will discuss your situation and come up with a strategy that is effective, efficient, and in your best interest. It is just as important to look at the risks associated with any particular course of action, as well as the rewards. In particular, with family law, I do not believe in “punishing” the other side as an end in and of itself. However, if we pursue a course of action in your best interest and that gives you an advantage over the other side, this is perfectly acceptable. With family law, if you have young children, please remember that the case is never really over until the youngest child turns 18 or graduates high school. If it is possible to work out an arrangement that everyone can live with, that will save an enormous amount of time, money, and emotion for you and your children.

I believe in efficiency and technology. Communications can be handled through secure messaging in my client portal, but you always have the option to speak with me on the phone, meet in person, or use email. Video calls are also an option. I try to respond to any inquiries on the same day. If I am unable to do that because of my schedule, I will contact you the next business day.

If our work involves drafting documents, we can exchange drafts through my client portal. Most documents are in Word or PDF format. Some documents may be signed electronically (such as court pleadings in some counties in Maryland), though sometimes live signatures are still required (such as a Last Will and Testament).

Maryland is slowly rolling out an electronic filing system for court cases called MDEC. Currently, MDEC is operational in Anne Arundel County and most jurisdictions except for Baltimore City, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County. If you are in a jurisdiction that uses MDEC, I have used it from the beginning and can do so efficiently in your case. At present, I am less inclined to accept cases in jurisdictions that do not use MDEC. It is far less efficient for me to do paper filings in these jurisdictions, which generally means that it would cost more for the client. In most cases, the client should try to find a local attorney if their case is in Baltimore City, Montgomery County, or Prince George’s County.

I am always trying to figure out the best way to handle a matter, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.